Fairies Tales vs. Folk Tales

Difference Between Fairies Tales and Folk Tales Girls are big fans of Bedtime Stories. Girls do not care…

Difference Between Fairies Tales and Folk Tales

Girls are big fans of Bedtime Stories. Girls do not care about the literature as they are involved in the fairies or princesses to help damsels in distress that they live happily ever after.

All stories with magic are not fairy tales. There is a difference between a folktale and fairy tale. As children not mind this but teachers and experts in literature always draw the line between the two. Folk tales and fairy tales are greatly different in structure and in characters.

Folk tales have written accounts; the story can be added or removed items such as stories are told by the narrator point of view. Now folk tales are in the written form but these are already a piece coupled with changes.

Folk tales are based on the story form with a basis of true-to-life events while fairy tales are based on fiction.

Fairy tales and folk tales leave some impact on the listeners and readers. They also care about the outcomes of a behavior or attitude. Stories always revolve around a main character, who experiences the pain and suffering, but to survive, to find ways to do well in history. Folk tales and fairy tales are made for entertainment in the traditional days. These make the youngsters effective in inculcating manners and values.

The main character discovers different resolution for both types of literature. These raise the conflict from the human vs. nature or human vs. human form. By planning strategies that reflect real-life situations the characters can survive.

The princesses of fairy tales are often helpless. They are freed and liberated only with the help of fairies and other magical creatures. Human vs. magic conflict can be resolved only by magic.

Folk tales usually take active conflict resolution from the major character against the minor characters. Main characters in fairy tales are simply passive and subject to suffering with the help of the minor characters who happen to be fairies and other mythical beings.

On closer and more modern view fairy tales may also be called as the stories most likely to the aristocracy as the modern fairy tale princesses and princes used as main characters. Folk tales is centered in the story of a commoner with a story derived from the cultural practices of the folk tale’s origin.


1.  Folk stories are transferred orally from one generation to another, while fairy tales are written in the literature.

2. Folk stories reflect facts of real life, while fairy tales involve creatures magical and mythical.

3. Both types of literature are instructive.

4. There is more active conflict resolution in folk tales than in fairy tales.



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