Fairies vs. Pixies

What is the difference between fairies and pixies? Two types of fictional characters that are found in children’s…

What is the difference between fairies and pixies?

Two types of fictional characters that are found in children’s stories, folk tales, cartoons and comics are fairies and pixies. Children identify with these lovable characters and very quickly have a preference for a specific one. While fairies and pixies are two different types of creatures, there is much confusion surrounding the difference between them.

Stories about fairies abound as children listen to takes told by their parents and grandparents. They are very common, but there is not a lot of information about pixies or stories in which they are the main characters. Fairies have characteristics similar to that of humans. Pixies tend to have colored skin and have pointed ears, but they can take many different forms. Fairies are pictured as having angel wings on their backs, but the wings of pixies are smaller, resembling those of butterflies. Fairies wear clothes and act like people. Pixies do not wear any clothes except for a pointed hat.

Fairies and pixies differ in their nature and temperament. For the most part, fairies are gentle and kind, as well as being very shy. They love to party. Pixies have a mischievous nature. They spend their time tricking others and generally get into a lot of trouble themselves as well as cause trouble for others. One of their favorite activities is stealing horses.

As a rule fairies are female, but there is not really any gender associated with pixies. They do not get along with each other as pixies are constantly fighting with fairies. They are fierce fighters and are protectors of their own. They are very fast – much faster than fairies. They feed on the nectar or plants and pollen. Usually they live for about twenty years. They have an allergy to silver and will therefore avoid this metal.

Fairies have magical powers and the ability to bestow gifts of wealth, health, kindness and intelligence on those they deem deserving. They also have the ability to live under the water and they can defy the forces of nature. They love to eat cheese and fruit, but like pixies they are allergic to silver.

Pixies are much smaller than fairies. Fairies are about six inches tall, whereas pixies are about four inches tall.


  1. Fairies and pixies are fictitious characters found in folk tales.
  2. Fairies are just like miniature people with wings. Pixies are smaller with butterfly wings, colored skin and pointed ears.
  3. Fairies are about 6 inches in height and pixies are about 4 inches in height.
  4. Fairies are loving and kind. They have magical powers and can bestow gifts of goodness on those they love.
  5. Pixies are mischievous and are fierce fighters.


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