Fascism vs. Imperialism

Difference Between Fascism and Imperialism Fascism is a political ideology that originated with Benito Mussolini in Italy. Fascism,…

Difference Between Fascism and Imperialism

Fascism is a political ideology that originated with Benito Mussolini in Italy. Fascism, in political language, is a form of nationalist and authoritarian government. Such governments were seen in the time of the World War One and Two. Fascism is an ideology that was born in Italy and is based on the denial of socialism. It rejects all social concepts that came out of the French Revolution in 1789. The fascists hated the social theories of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Fascism is based on the myth of rebirth of a nation after a period of destruction. Fascism is a revolution against materialism and individualism. It promotes violence and force. This political ideology also promotes superiority based on race and ethnic tendencies. According to the fascists, peace is weakness and aggression is strength. An important feature of this theory is supremacy of state and authoritarian government.


According to ‘The Dictionary of Human Geography’, imperialism is the existence of unequal relations in economy, culture and territory. It is a political ideology that is followed by some states and it is founded on subordination. The Mongols, Ottomans, Romans, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Persian, Russian, Chinese and the British have followed imperialism over the ages. The term imperialism can also be applied to areas of knowledge, belief and values, such as Christianity and Islam. Imperialism is autocratic in nature and has an immutable structure, which is rigid. Imperialism is based on hierarchy; it is the political and economic governance of one society over another. The USA and Britain follow the principles of imperialism. Imperialism can also extend to religious and political beliefs.  Imperialism has its roots in the later part of the 19th century when European nations that were technologically developed began to dominate over less developed nations in Africa and Asia.

The difference between Fascism and Imperialism

Imperialism and Fascism have similarities and differences. For some people, they might appear to be synonymous, while for others, they are radically opposed, imperialism being on the extreme right and fascism on the extreme left.

From a political angle, they are both extremists, and therefore quite similar in effect. However, in terms of beliefs and ideologies, they are poles apart. Imperialism has a democratic touch, which is lacking in fascism.


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