Fear Vs. Anxiety

Difference Between Fear and Anxiety Our life is nothing but a bundle of cumulative emotions taking us to…

Difference Between Fear and Anxiety

Our life is nothing but a bundle of cumulative emotions taking us to a phase of life with variegated emotions. Some lead us to positive feelings others lead us to a thorny path of sad unwanted emotions. Feeling of happiness and excitement feels our mind with joy. Negative emotions may have a disastrous effect in the later part of our life.

Fear psychosis and anxiety disorder are really detrimental to our health. Cardiac problems and other severe health problems may seem to rise thus shortening our life span. Fear is the ultimate mind killer which causes much distress. This negative emotion must be treated taking proper medical advice.

The symptoms of fear and anxiety are very same. But to psychologists

Both these terms have a different definition. In medical terms fear is aroused in the brain by distressing emotions which ends in the release of chemicals in the form of fast breathing, heart problems etc.

The emotional response to a fearful situation is realistic in nature. The mental trauma one undergoes has many side effects. Sometimes fear may also be unrealistic in nature like hydrophobia. On the other hand anxiety is a purely inner mental condition without any external risk factor whatsoever. There is never a tension of getting harmed. Fear has some causes and even has consequent remedies. But feeling of anxiety eats into the vitals of our brain without any immediate remedies so far prescribed.

Fear is a sudden emotional response to a particular situation but anxiety is a continuous emotion. Anxiety leads to depression and other personality disorders.

Anxiety filled people cannot react to a situation normally. The feelings of fear and anxiety can paralyze our life and so we have to overcome them to lead a normal life.


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