Fentanyl vs. Heroin

Difference between Fentanyl and Heroin Among the painkillers that are used in medication, then Fentanyl is one of…

Difference between Fentanyl and Heroin

Among the painkillers that are used in medication, then Fentanyl is one of them. This painkiller belongs to the opioid class of drugs. This drug is more energetic than morphine. It is 10 times stronger as compared to morphine. This drug is used in the treatment of cancer as a painkiller; it produces rapid and strong actions and recovery. However this drug is accompanied with harsh side effects that may include; queasiness, constipation, nausea drowsiness and many other prolonged side effects that are brought about by the effect of abuse or overdose of this drug. It is produced and stored under a valid licence from the relevance authority. Its use must be accompanied by full instruction by a qualified medical doctor.

Heroin, it is also called Diamorphine, morphine and diamorphine belong to the same class of drugs. The opioid drugs which are both applied in medication. When this drug is used without the prior knowledge of the authority i.e. illicitly used it is called HEROIN. Heroin is produced and stored under a legal licence from the authority. Abusing this drug is illegal and in most countries, smuggling this drug is entitled to a death sentence. Heroin share the same side effects as those of Fentanyl as they both belong to the same class of drugs.

The drugs are mostly abused in most parts of the world. Poor quality of heroin is mixed with Fentanyl to boost its overall power of drug.


  • Both are used under instructions from the doctor.
  • Production and storage of both drugs requires a valid licence.
  • They are both opioid drugs.
  • Keeping both drugs is offensive.
  • Abuse of heroin is very much pronounced worldwide.
  • Inappropriate use of both drugs may lead to instant death depending on the issued dosage or extent of abuse.
  • They are both use in medication as painkillers.


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