Figure Skates vs. Hockey Skates

Difference Between Figure Skates and Hockey Skates Figure and hockey skates are both used to perform on the…

Difference Between Figure Skates and Hockey Skates

Figure and hockey skates are both used to perform on the ice. As the names suggest, the figures skates are used for figure skating and hockey skates are used for ice hockey. Since both sports are different, the skates are different and serve different purposes.

Skaters who do a lot of jumping, spinning and gliding on ice, use figure skates. Hockey skates are used in hockey game that requires a lot of fast movement and maneuverability. Pair of skates is a part of a hockey player’s equipment. Since both activities are in the areas of ice sports, they are priceless equipment that must be maintained with care.

In figure skating, the serrated edge of the blade is very useful for runners to stop, and it also helps in performing jumps and spins in a figure skater’s routine. Even toe picks can also be found in hockey skates, it is more useful in figure skating than hockey

Blades of figure skates are also longer – Often extends the length of the boot. The skate blade has more edges and less of a rounded blade. The magazine is also removable, fixed, and can be mounted individually.

On the other hand, the leaves of a hockey skates are narrow and deep. They are formed for rapid movements. Skates’ blades are slightly curved at front and rear. In contrast, figure skating blades do not extend beyond the legs or trunk and is lighter in weight. In addition, the leaves are smaller in size. Another characteristic of hockey skates is that the leaves are often irreplaceable, since they are soldered and attached directly to the hockey boot at its base. Hockey skating requires smaller, but more rounded blades.

Figure skating boots are often made up of many layers. The material makes the skates more expensive compared to hockey skates. The boot also has a built for support and a small heel on the outside. This type of skating is not designed for comfort or speed, but accuracy and movement.

Hockey skates are designed for both comfort and speed. Often a pair of skates made of leather and lightweight plastic. A pair of hockey skates is also higher, thicker, and usually heavily padded with foam as a support. It is designed to sustain for a longer period. A hockey skates’ boots also provide good foot support and is easier to be related to figure skating.

Both a figure skater and a hockey player has different requirements and needs different skates. Whatever the differences skates have, they are a necessity in performing for both athletes

Summary :.


1. The main difference between figure skates and hockey skates are their purposes and use

2.Figure skates need their leaves and their boots to effectively push and perform jumps, spins and other acrobatic skills on the ice. Hockey players need durable, yet comfortable skates to play hockey.

3. Figure skating has a longer, straighter and more edges on their knives

4. Toe pick is needed in figure skates, a serrated blade on the toe section. Hockey skates need often do not toe picks because of their rounded leaves.

5. Figure skates are usually made of leather with no padding while hockey skates are made with a combination of leather and plastic. They also require padding and the boot housing.


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