Fine art vs. Illustration

Difference between Fine art and Illustration These two terms are very much confusing and are almost used alternatively.…

Difference between Fine art and Illustration

These two terms are very much confusing and are almost used alternatively. Fine art is usually used to refer to artistic animations that is done by a painter, an artist or sculptor and is meant for business. These pieces are usually stored in art galleries that are in the various museums in the world. Many of this kind of museums are found mostly in Europe.

Illustration varies from gallery art. It generally refers to a piece of work that is very attractive an appealing to the human’s eye. It constitutes things such as drawings and paintings that are meant for printing.

Arts that are created to be attached to newspapers and magazines are no longer called arts but are referred to as illustrations. Illustrations also appear in children magazines and family magazines and newspapers.

The two terms differ from one another functions that each is meant to serve; fine art is majorly done with the motive of being printed while an illustration is done purposely to get printed.

Fine art is meant for commercial purposes and can be classified into painting, drawing, water-color painting and sculpture. An illustration is meant for supportive purposes and not commercial. Most people use the illustration for the purpose of communicating to the audience of the insight idea in a narrated story.

An illustrator has to be very much inventive and also understand clearly the story or essay that he want to depict in his illustration. This is to bring out effectively the real idea behind the story to the readers. This brings out clearly that an illustration should show up everything in the story even in the first encounter.


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