Five (5) Star Hotel vs. Seven (7) Star Hotel

What is the difference between a 5 star hotel and a 7 star hotel? The star ratings for…

What is the difference between a 5 star hotel and a 7 star hotel?

The star ratings for hotels are indefinite without presence of international standard for ratings. There are own standard of ratings in some countries while in some countries the ratings are categorized at regional level. There are also some hotels which give stars at their own for promotional purpose. Normally, the services, room sizes, facilities, restaurant, pools, bar, open grounds, surrounding environments, etc are considered for giving a star rating to a hotel.

After all, five-star hotels are considered as an ideal luxury hotels, which offer pleasure ahead of comfort of stay. Doorman service, 24 hours service, valet parking, seating facilities in reception area, information desk, page boy, door-keeper, custom-made welcome mini bar, 24 hour food and beverage supply through door delivery, surprise gifts, laundry with ironing service, providing safe and internet connectivity in the room, shoe polish, gym facilities are some of the special facilities provided by five-star hotels.

Five star hotels are gifted with lavish decorations. Presence of gyms, spas and swimming pools, shopping complex and gardens set them apart from other hotels. The interesting thing is that most five star hotels compete with each other to provide new and extra luxuries and delight. Some hotels also provide you with a menu of pillows to chose one alongwith limousine, dog walking and healthcare services.

There are hardly any or meager seven-star hotels. One of them is Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai. It is the tallest hotel which provides all collections and marvelous opulence. Burj offers cautious in-suite check-in, reception desk on each and every floor, rain showers and Jacuzzis in all suites, a Rolls-Royce armada, under sea dining alongwith butlers on call at each stage. Pangu 7-star hotel in Beijing (China), Town House Galleria in Italy are some f the newly built 7-star hotels. Exceptional and careful lavish decorations, personal butler, swimming pool for each suite, private luxury limousine and check-in are the genuine characteristics of seven-star hotels that always remain in the memories of customers.

Seven-star hotels make all your desire come true with a huge inventory of uniqueness to satisfy people who have more to spend. They also offer private transport to each and every guest.

Moreover, tourists think that there is not much distinction between 5-star and 7-star hotels which is a common trend. However, this guess may come true because the services offered in a 5-star hotel are offered even better in a 7-star hotel. This makes a narrow gap between 5-star and 7-star hotels.

The rare service of hotels nowadays is internet booking which allows limited views of hotel and one cannot judge the services of the hotels. These, brings out a need for international classification for hotels.

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