Flash Flood vs. Riverine Flood

Difference Between Flash Flood and Riverine Flood Nature has varying forms of being both benevolent and disastrous. When…

Difference Between Flash Flood and Riverine Flood

Nature has varying forms of being both benevolent and disastrous. When it affects us beneficently, it is referred to as Mother Nature. However, nature does inflict us with its distressing disaster are Flash Floods and Riverine Floods. Floods in any form wreak havoc entailing irreparable damage to lives, destruction of our homes and annihilating of communities. Although, there are drastic changes in the weather situations, it is not entirely the fault of nature. In a majority of cases, it is the human beings who bring upon themselves the catastrophe of floods as we continue to fell trees laying barren the earth and creating wastelands.

As we carry on felling trees and create cities without adequate urban planning, we will always be wreaked with stronger and dangerous floods. Therefore, floods are not only “Acts of God”, but are more a resultant action of human carelessness.

A Flash flood is a term used for a floor that comes on with an extreme rapidity. Essentially, the soil and the trees soak all the rain water, yet on account of development of urbane towns and cities containing buildings and homes without adequate drainage, the soil is unable to hold on to too much of water which gives rise to flood water which can go up to more than six feet in height.

A Riverine Floor is termed as such when a flood comes in from the overflowing of rivers or runoff which is caused by continual rainfall lasting for several days. A Riverine flood takes an enormous time to build up as well as takes a lot of time to move out. It is probably to the nature of this flood that people have adequate time to evacuate to higher grounds. More often than not, places close to the rivers experience these Riverine floods.

Floods of any kind, may be Flash Floods o Riverine Floods are liable to cause massive damage to human lives irrespective whether they are slow or rapid in formation. Flash floods cause irreparable damage as people are caught unawares and are not in a position to respond as fast as it takes place. People are unable to move out of the affected areas and as a result there is a colossal damage to life and property. On the contrary, people still have ample time to move out to a safer place when a Riverine flood occurs. It is so since a flash flood takes place without warning and happens extremely fast whereas Riverine floods take place sluggishly on account of non stop and continuous raining. Further, Riverine floods are also beneficial since the positive effects are reflected when the rich top soil is replenished although in a flash flood, there are only losses that one loses count of.

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