Flaxseed Oil vs Fish Oil

Difference between flaxseed oil and fish oil Flaxseed oil differs with fish oil in terms of their composition. Research…

Difference between flaxseed oil and fish oil

Flaxseed oil differs with fish oil in terms of their composition. Research shows that both flaxseed and fish oil contains high levels of omega -3 fatty acids. While fish oil is extracted from the fish tissues, the flaxseed oil is obtained by squeezing the seeds under pressure.

The exposure of fish to effluent pollutants in rivers, lakes and others poses a threat to the health of the fish. However the fish oil is still a more preferred prescription to people with digestive ailments to the flaxseed oil which is difficult to digest.

Eicosapentanoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid(DHA) are the two types of Omega-3 fatty acid in fish while Omega-3,6 and 9 are to be found in the fluxseed.For any nutrition expert it is common knowledge that flaxseed by far beats fish oil in Omega-3 content. To be precise flaxseed oil has about 7700mg of Omega-3 against 300mg of Omega-3 in the fish oil.

There is a misconception among the public that fish oil and flaxseed oil help in weight reduction. This is not viable owing to the fact that fish oil contains 100 calories per tea spoon.

Another difference worth noting is the presence of fiber in flaxseed unlike the fish oil in which they are not contained. So as to take care of EPA and DHA factors, it is advisable that you include fresh water fish in your diet in occasions where you want flaxseed oil in your diet.

Distinction between flaxseed oil and fish oil

  • Animal tissues and   the flax plant are the sources of fish oil and flaxseed oil respectively.
  • Fish oil is used for treating digestive complications while the flaxseed oil is difficult to digest.
  • Omega-3, 6 and 9 are the fatty acids in flaxseed oil.
  • Unlike in fish oil, there is fiber in flaxseed oil.
  • EPA and DHA are the fatty acids in fish oil.
  • It  is  evident  that  more  content  of  Omega-3  is  present  in  flaxseed  than  in  fish  oil.
  • Krill   oil is  a  good   supplement  to  flaxseed  since  it  contains  reasonable  amounts  of EPA  and  DHA.This is  necessary since  flaxseed oil  produces  Alpha  linolenic acid only and hence a  good source  of  EPA  and  DHA  is of  vital  importance for  maintenance  of  health.


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