Fleas vs. Ticks

Difference Between Fleas And Ticks Fleas Fleas are insects with a head, thorax, abdomen and 3 pairs of…

Difference Between Fleas And Ticks


Fleas are insects with a head, thorax, abdomen and 3 pairs of long legs that allow it to jump from the skin of an animal to another. They have a pair of antennae, but have no wings. Ticks belong to the class of Arachnida and therefore have a single cephalothorax, an abdomen, 4 pairs of legs and no antennae and wings.

The Fleas belong to the class of Insects characterized by 3 pairs of legs, a pair of antennae, no wings (unlike other insects), head, thorax and distinct abdomen. The hind legs are well developed and their small size (one or two millimeters) allow them to perform long jump. They are ectoparasites or external parasites.  They feed on the blood of mammals and birds. They settle on skin surface of pets such as dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and man. They have a mouth with pungent and sucking structure. The evolutionary cycle of Fleas can last from 2 weeks to 8 months and includes much metamorphosis. Females lay about 15-20 eggs. These hatch larva, which then evolve into pupas, from which will emerge adult fleas. The flea can be vector to other pests, such as Tapeworms and forward it to infected animals.


The ticks belong to the class of arachnids characterized by single cephalothoraxes, an abdomen, 4 pairs of legs and absence of antennae and wings. Ticks are external parasites of animals and are hematophagous. They do not jump like fleas, but climb on the animals by moving directly or from the blades of grass. They are divided into 2 groups: soft ticks which parasitize birds and Hard ticks parasites of mammals. The elastic body of ticks swells considerably and then lays 500 to 3000 eggs. Then both male and female die. A feature of ticks is pungent and sucking mouthparts, which penetrates entirely in the skin of the animals.


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