Flickr vs Facebook

Difference Between Flickr and Facebook The   continuing increase in world social integration can be highly attributed to the…

Difference Between Flickr and Facebook

The   continuing increase in world social integration can be highly attributed to the growing number of networking sites in the internet. Many  sites  are available to the  public  including facebook,twitter,badoo,youtube,flickr etc.The most preferred sites  being  facebook and Flickr  they  literally dominate the social  networking  industry. Owing to the enormous number of users, it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate between facebook and flickr.


In flickr the ease of   displaying  photos is the major source of intrigue.In this site users are able to post as many photographs as they wish with no limitations.It also allows users to post their photos in their preferred form hence no requirement to change them into new resolutions in order to send. Lovers of Photography find it very captivating since is provided with a convenient platform from which they can display their prowess in taking photographs and also sharing their photos with friends and important visitors.


Facebook was established to act as a focal point of family members, friends, classmates, workmates etc.Initially, facebook started as a site for students but later grew to the social networking site which has members from all over the globe. Facebook has a wide range of services available to the member, from uploading of photos, chatting with friends and also having fun since you can download movies and even play games. Another important aspect of facebook is that you can search old friends by their names and get in touch with them wherever they are.This is made possible by the fact that facebook encourages people to register their real names.Facebook is also the site where you can meet very many new friends and even spouses.

Differences between facebook and flickr

Te two social sites are both meant to promote interaction among people but they have their differences when it comes to how they do it.Starting with flickr you find that  the exchange of photos is predominant over other issues like fun making,uploading videos and more of the stuff common to the members of facebook.The manner in which the socializing with people is done is also different across the two sites , for  example in facebook you  can always comment on subjects  posted by other people so long as you are a member, whereas in flickr you must first exchange your e-mail addresses and websites in order to submit comments.Due to it’s flexibility ,facebook seems to be more appealing to users than flickr and consequently has many users  exceeding several millions.

Everyone is advised to use these sites responsibly by avoiding posting of socially erotic things and even making  unrespectful comments to others since the social sites are meant to help us share knowledge and other constructive issues in life rather than building conflicts.

In brief

Flickr is more of a photo sharing site than a site for general views expression. It offers the photo fanatics just the perfect place to be. This  is because  they can exchange their pictures as much as they  wish without limitations .Lovers  of photo graphs also have a good platform  from  which  to showcase  their command  in  photography .


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