Flickr vs. Picasa

Difference between Flickr and Picasa Well, these are two web hosting and sharing sites in the internet. The…

Difference between Flickr and Picasa

Well, these are two web hosting and sharing sites in the internet. The two sites are very much important to the mobile blogging and the bulk upload fraternity. They form mass storage for photos.


This site was developed by Ludicorp but is currently owned by Yahoo. This site forms the premier image hosting for various mobile devices including Blackberry and iPhone. Different images of different qualities are also part of Flickr. Recent study shows that a bulk amount of five million images are in Flickr.


It was developed by Idealab but presently is owned by Google. Photos uploaded to this site are in different ways.  This service is available on their site and also can be installed in your computer. This allows downloading of photos to your computer for faster arrangement and publishing to the Picasa server.

Variation between Flickr and Picasa

These two sites form the best online hosting sites that you can use. Both of these have up loaders that facilitate uploading photos. Picasa application is more integrated as it can allow image editing tools such as cropping, rotation and resizing. For Flickr, its applications are basically for uploading and no other work that it can do. Picasa free account is limited to 1GB while there is no limit in Flickr but a monthly uploading limit of 100MB.

The selection of which site to use therefore lies upon your decision on which one is better for you. Basically of you are a photographer then it is advisable to go for Flickr, this is because the majority of its members are photographers that can share their experience, but if you up for photo sharing, then consider going for Picasa.


  • Picasa has a free account limit of 1 GB while Flickr doesn’t have but only has a monthly upload limit of 100MB.
  • The Flickr up loader is basically for uploading while the Picasa software can be used for a number of functions.
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