Flip Mino vs. Flip Ultra

Difference between Flip Mino and Flip Ultra These are the two brands of compact camcorders that are produced by…

Difference between Flip Mino and Flip Ultra

These are the two brands of compact camcorders that are produced by Pure Digital. Pure Digital produces the best type of camcorders for the people who are addicted to video cameras and camcorders. They are light and easy to carry around. Their products meet the best standards and are said to be among the best in the world. The flip series contain a very nice use interface and good video display quality. Many of the company brands have been manufactured under the Flip series. Then the need to highlight the various differences that exist between the Flip Mino and lip ultra is very important.

These two products have different sizes; Mino is tiny as compared to Ultra. Flip contain an LCD display unit of 1.5”. In comparison Mino is 40% tiny that the Ultra brand. In terms of weight; Mino is light when compared to Ultra. This makes Mino the best option in terms of portability.

Ultra is obtainable in different colors while Mino comes in a span of only two colors i.e. black and white

These two models have also different screen resolutions. The Flip is made of a 528×132 screen resolution. This type of video camcorder can record 640×480 pixels videos at 30 frames per second. This has a 2GB flash memory. It can take a video for 3600 seconds. Ultra have a 2X digital zoom and take videos of the MPEG-4 AVI type. In this format video editing and playback can be available. When editing these videos, they can also be uploaded to various sites such as YouTube. Mino has additional features that make nice for most functions.  Mino has a Video Engine of 2.5 for compressing videos and Ultra has Engine of 2.0. Mino has an additional Omni-directional mic which is not present in Ultra. Through Mino, users are also allowed to upload videos to MySpace site.

AA batteries are used in Ultra while Mino utilizes rechargeable battery that can run the device for a total of four hours. This makes it suitable than Ultra due to the costs of replacing the AA battery within a duration of one hour. On the other hand the problem of waiting for the battery to be charged is the big issue with Mino.

Mino can operate in Mac systems without any additional software. The USB location of the Mino is also nicely sited than the Ultra; it is top placed unlike the Ultra which contains it in the side. The Mic in Mino is better that the one in Ultra which makes it to be prone to a weak point in its quality of sound.


  • Both are compact camcorders that are manufactured by Pure Digital
  • AA batteries are utilized by Ultra while Mino uses the rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Mino is lighter that Ultra
  • The mic in Mino produces high quality audio than in Ultra


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