Formula 1 vs. NASCAR

The Race Between NASCAR And Formula 1: Who Will Win? Many people who have a fascination with cars…

The Race Between NASCAR And Formula 1: Who Will Win?

Many people who have a fascination with cars and racing may very well know about two names in this sports—NASCAR and Formula 1. These two may have become such a household name in fact that people forget there are huge differences between a Formula 1 to a National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing sports event.

Man And Machine

When you want to see the most advanced auto for racing, then you will have to go to Formula 1 which specifies a required limit of a lightweight framework with powerful engines and high-end aerodynamic of 605 kg. Most Formula 1 race cars have very sophisticated and probably never before heard technologies that allow them to control factors such as traction through internal panels.

As for NASCAR cars, they are more of the heavy duty machines that weigh as much as 1540 kg. Strength and traditional ways of racing is the focus with as little sophistication as possible. In fact, drivers will maneuver through the course with manual driving as well as old school steel tube frameworks. In addition to that, petrol is the primary fuel used with NASCAR cars.

Moving On To The Next Round

Started in the year of 2006, Formula 1 racing uses “knock-out” system to determine which car will qualify to the next leg. They will be given 3 chances with three stretches allowing each of the driver to finish their desired amount of laps to knock out the ones with the least and therefore slowest. Then, the facilitators of the race will keep track with each racer’s fastest lap times and end rankings according to the amount of laps. This will be done only until 10 cars remain for the final round.

NASCAR’s system for qualifying drivers requires the start of the time when each car separately sets of in the course. Then, they are allowed to catch up with the ones which were first to begin with the first lap. After they have finished that first lap, they are now given 2 more laps to give their fastest record. The top drivers according to the fastest time will qualify on to the next round.

Determining The Winner

As previously stated Formula 1 starts off with 3 periods allowing the 10 fastest cars according to the best time and laps to qualify for the final round. The top driver will acquire 25 points and the total points at the end of the last leg will decide who will be declared as World Champions. From time to time, the winning driver and team will vary according to the constructors points. Only those who finish a minimum of 90% of the total stretch that the winner has run will be classified and will earn points.

NASCAR on the other hand, will have a final group of 12 racers which were the best from the previous 26 laps and will move on to the last 10 laps. The ultimate prize for the best racer is the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Points are awarded according to a uniform system all throughout the season but do not follow with the Camping World Truck Series as well as the Nationwide Series. It is as simple as adding each driver’s points at the end of the leg and determining who has the most to be declared as the winner or the champion. Those who have the lead will also have the lead in points by as much as 5 and another 5 for being the leader for most of the laps.

The Crowd Goes Wild

If there is one edge that NASCAR has over Formula 1, it is their close relations to the viewers. Drivers are allowed and are likely to associate with their fans as opposed to the tight security system of Formula 1.

The End Of The Line

  • Formula One is known for accomplishing high end performance of racing cars through sophistication and development of car technology while NASCAR embodies the racing system that everyone knows well—simplicity yet speed.
  • Formula One has a main focus on the capabilities of man while NASCAR on the machine.
  • NASCAR is definitely a crowd pleaser and designed a competition which the audience will surely enjoy.
  • Despite their differences, no one can deny that both are a favorite sport to watch and that both have their own strong and weak points over each other. 
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