Fossil vs. Artifact

Difference Between Fossil and Artifact Have you ever seen or aspired to become like Indiana Jones? Almost everyone…

Difference Between Fossil and Artifact

Have you ever seen or aspired to become like Indiana Jones? Almost everyone dreams of having the adventure of one’s lifetime. No matter if it is the Amazon rain forest or the African jungles people will go on to daydream about great adventures.

The two words fossils and artifacts are quite different archaeologically.

A fossil is the remains of an organism no matter it is an animal or plant. One artifact is an important archaeological object that is/was excavated. While there is an unique cultural importance for artifacts fossils are important both historically and scientifically.

The age of fossils is way more than any than man and even artifacts. The age of some of the fossils stretches up to 10,000 years. The size of fossils is variable like that of a huge dinosaur to the tiniest of bacteria. Fossils are conserved by the hard bodies of organisms, like exoskeleton, bones and even teeth of these animals.

If we are to trace back the age of the artifacts, we have to go back to the oldest of human civilizations. The Egyptian empire about 2000 years ago gave birth some of the most famous artifacts. They can be found in the tombs of both imperial and ordinary people and even the deserted culture. Artifacts can be sold and are usually highly expensive. How ever the countries where these are found forbid their sale, as these are national treasures which portray their culture.

Summary ..:

1. A fossil is the remains of organisms and artifact is a culturally valuable object.

2. The fossils are older than artifacts.

3. Fossils are historically important for fossil experts and scientists, but an artifact is culturally and historically significant for archaeologists and historians.






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