Fox vs. Wolf

Difference and similarities between a fox and a wolf Wolf and Fox are considered as roughly cousins as…

Difference and similarities between a fox and a wolf

Wolf and Fox are considered as roughly cousins as they both belong to canidae family. However, both of the species differs lot from each other which includes their eating habits, hunting patterns and their behaviour.


Fox has narrow nose and feathery tail. They are medium sized and are generally smaller than other canines even smaller than a domestic dog. Fox usually don’t live alone. They always roam with 2-3 companions. Fox normally do not attack big prey due to their small size. They usually hunt and live on rodents, insects, berries and fruits.


Wolves have fierce and carnivorous propensity. Wolves are large canines that are feared by humans. Wolves produce itchy back scream. Wolves normally hunt 6 to 10 animals at a time due to their large size without any problem. Wolves have been persecuted for many years due to fear and hunting which resulted in their decline. Wolves are of two species namely red wolves and grey wolves and both are considered dangerous. Grey wolves are large in numbers in Europe, Alaska, Asia and Canada while Red wolves are found in south eastern United States.

Difference between Fox and Wolf

Apart from the differences, the thing which sets them distinct from each other is their tendency to live in the growing human population. Though it is clear that fox and wolves differ in sizes, they are also opposed when it comes to human. Fox feed in human food too including garbage to some extent. Due to which, they can come into human contact. Fox are not harmed by humans except from road accidents though they are scared of humans. Due to fierceness and carnivores features in wolves, they are hunted or feared by humans. The main reason for it is that they need larger area for their living and so they have been pushed to mountains or deep forests.

These are that beasts which can even survive in the area different from their natural homes. The growing population is pushing these animals to other places like hilly areas or mountains. Hence, though it is difficult it is advised to give them respect for their survival.

In brief:

  • Fox are normally medium sized beasts having narrow nose and feathery tail.
  • Wolves are carnivores that are fierce in nature which is why humans fear from it.
  • Fox can establish human contact easily as they can live on human food and also sometimes on garbage also.
  • Wolves need larger is to reside. Thus, they are feared or hunted by humans. Due to their fierce nature they are pushed back to hilly areas.

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