Foxtel vs. Austar

Difference between Foxtel and Austar It is undeniable that nowadays, as we step into the era of information and…

Difference between Foxtel and Austar

It is undeniable that nowadays, as we step into the era of information and communication, the media is considered our language of self expression and the epithet of our thoughts and opinions. It is through this that we are able to gain access to socially inclined events may it be current or outdated. The overrated existence of media, because of the seemingly immense demands for its services had led to the sprung of many competitions aiming to provide better services. Foxtel and Austar are only few of the many media-oriented rivalries present in the planet. As they endeavor to offer high quality media services, who among them will stand victorious?

Foxtel and Austar are two of Australia’s leading subscription television providers. These two are companies having different features. Austar, aside from offering direct satellite and cable, also offers mobile phones and dial-up internet services. Foxtel on the other hand only offers direct satellite and cable services. Both are notable service providers having there offered services to be of dominance to the people of Australia.

Foxtel was born through the undertaking of two companies, Telstra and News Corporation on 1995. It began only having a 20-channel service, delivered through Telstra Hybrid Fibre Coaxial network. In 2007 the company started a rapid growth after its highest rated shows were broadcast that year. Now it offers services like Foxtel iQ, Foxtel iQHD and Foxtel Digital which provides features such as widescreen channels, and pay-per-view. In addition the company also bid services such as Foxtel PC for its program downloads. Currently, the company had already reached a number of 1.63 million faithful subscribers.

Austar on the other hand was a found on 1994 through the efforts made by the Community Entertainment Television (CETV). The company has been considered the largest subscription television operator both in Australia’s rural and regional communities as its base subscribers reach about 747,148 at the end of June 2010. Services offered by the company include Austar mobile, AustarNet, and subscription television including Austar Anywhere, mystar, and Mystar HD.

Both companies are well renowned for the quality of service they provide. But only you can decide which among them is better. Will you go for Foxtel, or Austar? Only you can answer this question. You better choose wisely.

Differences In Brief:

  • Foxtel and Austar are the leading subscription television service providers in Australia.
  • Foxtel was formed through the venture of Telstra and News Corporation in 1995.  It started to grow rapidly on 2007 and now has reached a number of 1.63 million subscribers.
  • Austar was formed through the efforts of CETV in 1994. Now it has over 747,148 subscribers in regional and rural Australia.


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