Freeware vs. Shareware

Difference Between Freeware and Shareware In the present market of computer hardware and software, you need to buy…

Difference Between Freeware and Shareware

In the present market of computer hardware and software, you need to buy both the hardware and the software from a vendor. Although, the operating system and the application programs software are in-built in the system itself, there are certain types of software that are not available and can be procured from other vendors. There are however some kinds of software termed as Freeware and Shareware which are available that are not priced and do not cost even a cent. These can be downloaded from the net also totally free. Yet, a freeware is totally varied from the entity of shareware. Freeware is absolutely without any charges and are usable for an limitless period while the shareware can be used free for a limited time that is normally for a month or so.

Since Freeware is software which is free as it is termed can be downloaded from the internet, it differs from adware and shareware due to the fact that in adware, the consumer watches the ads at the time of usage of the software while in shareware, he has to make a payment for its use the program after the expiry of the trial period. Although a freeware is totally free for use, it still is accompanied by an End User License Agreement or EULA. The EULA is very particular to varied freeware software yet there are some limitations which are universal to all of them. There is no support or help given on freeware. Besides lack of support, there is no provision of a Help menu it. Freeware software is created and formulated by programmers in their leisure time and therefore lack funds for tech. support. There are however some freeware software that have the USENET groups or FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions websites that are exclusively meant to assist users in the utility of these programs. At times, programmers offer to assist through emails. Almost all freeware programs make it mandatory for a user to use them for their own use. However, if the software is to be used for profitable purposes in a business venture, the user is required to pay for these programs. Hence it would be better to take a close look at the license in a freeware before getting it installed on the computer.

A shareware program can be downloaded from the internet only for a limited period totally free of cost, yet it comes to the user for a limited period for trial purposes. At the end of the trial period, the user is required to remove the program from his computer due to the end user license agreement or buy the program to use if after the payment is made to the licensor. There are certain shareware programs where it is not counted through the usage of the program for a stipulated period, yet the trial period is dependent on the number of trials that the user has made while using the programs. This is often factual especially as far as software games are concerned. In share programs there are in built techniques where the program stops operations immediately after the expiry of the trial period. This action is necessarily taken in order to safeguard the copyright of the author of the program. Therefore in case the user still persists on using the program, even after the trial period is over, an error box or an pop-up springs open intimating the user that the free time is finished. It may also request for the registration key that is possessed by the user soon after its purchase.

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