Fresh Turkey vs. Frozen Turkey

Difference Between Fresh Turkey and Frozen Turkey   It has been a tradition in some parts of the…

Difference Between Fresh Turkey and Frozen Turkey


It has been a tradition in some parts of the world that whenever there’s a celebration – be it thanksgiving or even just a get-together with some friends and relatives, we often cook turkey. If you were to choose from a fresh or frozen turkey, which would you pick? There are some advantages and disadvantages as well on both.

Let’s start it off with the fresh turkey. Some say that fresh turkeys are the tastier ones for these turkeys are fed with organic feed such as grass which they say make it tastier. Turkeys that are slaughtered or butchered should be cooked as early as possible so that it won’t get rotten and most of all, taste good. On the other hand, frozen turkeys are those turkeys fed with inorganic feed and also medications that enhances the growth rate of the turkey for faster production. An advantage of choosing the frozen turkey is that it is less expensive compared to a fresh one and it is time saving for you could just purchase a frozen turkey in your local meat shop than having a turkey and having it butchered. Another is duration; you can store a frozen turkey for a month without sacrificing the taste.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • Fresh turkeys taste better than the frozen ones for they are fed with organic feeds.
  • You can save time on frozen turkeys because it would just take a minute to do so, compared to the fresh turkeys that you’ll need to wait for it gets slaughtered and cleaned first.
  • Frozen turkeys save you money because the cost less than fresh turkeys.
  • Frozen turkeys are more convenient because it can be purchased a few weeks in advance before the preparation while the fresh turkeys should not be purchased for more than a day or two. Anything beyond 3 days is considered an unsafe time period meaning you’ll have to purchase the bird prior to the meal for best results.


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