Frog Vs. A Toad

Difference Between Frog And A Toad Frogs and toads have many similarities, including the appearance and texture, but…

Difference Between Frog And A Toad

Frogs and toads have many similarities, including the appearance and texture, but there are some differences too. Both toads and frogs have dual lives, the larval stage is referred to as Tadpole and then comes the adult stage also called as the half-water stage. Both the amphibians fall in the vertebrates Class. Both reproduce along the stream. Both the amphibian’s frogs as well as toads have skins that have a gland with a bad taste, but this secretion is much more in the toads. Frogs are consumed by many predatory organisms. The two have a lifespan of 30-40 years. Both can close the mouth and nose and forces air from the lungs to the mouth. By forcing air back through the glottis into the lungs to make sound. The ability of these animals will help them articulate the water.

One of the primary differences between them is that the toads appear dry and have a Warty skin, but frogs are wet and slippery skin. Frogs are members of the family Ranidae, which consists of more than 400 species. Both the upper and lower jaw on frogs consists of small teeth. Hind legs are longer in frogs than the toads and frogs can be distinguished from toads by the presence of webbed feet again. Toads have protuberant eyes. Frogs jump, while toads can merely hop. Frogs hop far to escape from predators. Female frogs lay eggs only a small or large clumps on the base of water. Frogs have a light brownish green color that helps them to camouflage below the ponds or even leaves that are wet. Some frogs can be poisonous, is one example of South American frog called the poison dart. Frogs are found everywhere except Antarctica.

Toads are a member of the family Bufonidae with more than 300 species. They reside in temperate regions. They are brown and olive in color, while the ones in tropic are of a lighter color. Toads have a short body and legs as compared to the frogs and toads are stubby, muscular. Eyes of a toad are recessed. Toads have no teeth. Female toads give eggs in a stringed form parallel to the surface of the water. Toads cannot jump as quickly and far as frogs. Because of this they have toxin producing capability which is a skin secretion with an unpleasant nature. This comes out primarily under an attack. The unpleasant flavor and smell of toads to makes them very unpopular among predators. Eggs and larvae of amphibians are also mostly toxic. The bags containing poison are placed behind their eyes. Toads are commonly found around the world except for places like Madagascar, Polynesia, the Arctic and Australia.


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