Front Office vs. Back Office

Difference Between Front Office and Back Office   The front and the back office are parts of a…

Difference Between Front Office and Back Office


The front and the back office are parts of a room of a building people work in. This place is where professionals work; may it be computer related, marketing or sales, or any type of job. Every office has these two meaning they are both essential. Missing either one of which is a big no for a company. Now let’s define both.

Front Office
The front office is the part of a room wherein people interact with the employers. It could be partly about sales, customer services, and others. In short, the people who work here are those who directly interact with the clients or customers. They are the ones who fix problems such as processing requests and customer service. They are actually the ones running the company so they play a very big role with the company making the company more dependent on them or the front office.

Back Office
On the other hand, the back office is considered to be the brain of the company. These are where the staffs stay. They are the ones who gather ideas on how to market the products. They don’t interact with the clients or customers but they contribute a lot same as with the front office.


  • The front office is where the employers interact and tend to satisfy the customers whether it would be customer service or marketing of their products.
  • The most essential part of a company is the front office because the back office are the ones who formulates the ideas while the front office is the one who does the work and it depends on how they deliver their marketing with their products. If the front desk is great then the company will surely grow.


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