Fruits Vs. Vegetables

Difference Between Fruits And Vegetables So you thought you’d get your share of fruits and vegetables every day?…

Difference Between Fruits And Vegetables

So you thought you’d get your share of fruits and vegetables every day? Here is a thought did you know that tomatoes and bean soup you guzzling down is not even part of a vegetable?

If you are interested in the technicalities then these actually are ripened fruit ovaries of flowering plants. The role is to bear fruit seeds, which contribute to the growth of several plants. This means that your eggplants, corn, cucumbers and peas are actually fruits in reality. Also the dry nuts that are hard are actually fruits.

Vegetables are the edible consumable portions of a plant. They can be the leaves (like lettuce) the stems (celery your favorite), roots (carrots), bulbs (onion) and flowers (like broccoli). If you claim that the fruit is the edible part of the plant then you’re right. The only difference is that the fruit would be separate from the main plant after a time span when the seeds develop completely.

A very common misconception linked to fruits is that they are considered soft and sweet parts. The remaining parts of a plant are then considered vegetables. However a tomato being a fruit is actually not a vegetable.

This is because fruit is usually found on the part of the tree that is above the ground. As the tomatoes come out on vines, not the trees, it’s a perennial disagreement about this fruit. People tend to think of fruits as sweet and juicy part of the agreement. Moreover, they do not even use the tomatoes that they use normal fruit. While the pumpkins and zucchini you love is the technical part of the fruit family. This is because they are part of family termed as squash.

When diet specialist  asks you to keep a balance between fruit and vegetables then you need to make sure you know exactly what you are taking a simple rule of thumb to follow is to find out about confusing things that have seeds or not. If that happens, then it is a fruit.

Both fruits and vegetables are important part of our daily diet. Fruit gives you your daily dose of antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber, all you need. Nutritional products can not be ignored either. Vegetables give you the components you need in your diet. Vegetables also provide vitamins and protein. A diet lacking in vegetables will not provide ample nourishment lacking the vitamins and proteins that are important. Vegetables Usually have less sugar than fruit. Vegetables also provide more fiber than fruit.

So next time you pick up a carrot and start to wonder if you want a fruit or vegetable then the key is to mix it up and eat a diet as varied as possible.


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