Full Board vs. All Inclusive

Difference Between Full Board and All Inclusive Whenever we want to go out to a place away from…

Difference Between Full Board and All Inclusive

Whenever we want to go out to a place away from our home, for the purpose of holidaying or office work, we always prefer to live at a place that provides us with all the facilities that we have at home. These facilities include proper meals, beverages, entertainment facilities etc. Now, when we look out for hotel options for the purpose of booking, we come across two terms viz. Full board and All Inclusive. So the readers will ask what is the difference between these two? Well, on one hand where Full Board refers to a hotel that has the facilities of three time proper meals per person and payment for the extra facilities like alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages, spa and bar facilities etc need to be paid extra. On the other hand, All Inclusive services include hotels that provide facilities that include accommodation, three meals per person per day, alcoholic beverages (only selected items), non-alcoholic beverages, recreational facilities, entertainment facilities etc. The recreational and entertainment facilities provided by the hotel depend upon the age group of the people that require the accommodation and also the area where the accommodation is required. As for example, entertainment facilities are different for children and for couples who come for honeymoon.

Thus we see that the main difference between the hotels that provide Full Board and All Inclusive facilities is that the former one provides only meal and accommodation facilities in the amount of money paid by the customer while the later provides entertainment and recreational facilities too in addition to a proper and comfortable accommodation and 3 time meal per person per day. As a result of this, the Full Board facility is sufficient for a single person who has come for the purpose of official visit while All Inclusive facility is preferably for couples of those people who go in for vacationing with the whole family.  Where All Inclusive facilities allow the visitor to use all the extra facilities and amenities of the hotel, visitors have to pay extra amount for the purpose of enjoying the benefits of the extra facilities and amenities of the hotel.


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