Games vs. Sports

Difference Between Games and Sports It is true that both game and sport may appear to be similar…

Difference Between Games and Sports

It is true that both game and sport may appear to be similar but trust me they are different.

A game is the test of the skill set of a group of people unlike a sport which highlights individual skill and performance.

Both games and sports are characterized by a set of rules; however sports are much older than games which originated and flourished at a later period. People who excel in sports cannot fair well in games as they are a team player and cannot determine the outcome of a game which is individually controlled. Same is true for the players of game who can not be as successful in a team sport.

As for example the game of soccer include multiple players and it is the over all efforts of the team leads to the achievement of the goal. However in case of a javelin throwing game it is the efforts of a single person that determines the level of skill or for that matter excellence in that game. Both games and sports provide enjoyment and recreation so it is obvious that both require game spirit or sportsman spirit. Even a sports event, as large scale as the Olympic is also called Olympic Games. In case of a game a single participant is called a player however in case of a sports event that person is called is called an athlete /sportsperson. Sports are all about testing the physical energy and the games generally get to bring out all the mental strength. While sports are triggered with competition, a game is played with a spirit of friendship.



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