Garmin 405 vs. Garmin 405CX

Garmin 405 and Garmin 405CX Most of us have watches, it has almost been considered as a need…

Garmin 405 and Garmin 405CX

Most of us have watches, it has almost been considered as a need for a long period already. But what if you’re an athlete? You just can’t wear your ordinary watch when you’re playing right? For those sports watch enthusiasts, Garmin 405 and Garmin 405CX would be an excellent choice. Although these watches are made by the same manufacturer Garmin, both however have some differences. You’ll just have to pick a watch that most suites you.

What is Garmin 405?

Garmin is a company known for their GPS enables products. Cyclists and athletes are of the most that has possession on some of their watches. GPS works as a software enabling you to be tracked wherever you might wander to. Garmin 405 may be the most exceptional of all sports watches. Launched last 2007, Garmin 405 has been selling a lot even up to now.

What is Garmin 405CX?

This is an improved version on the Garmin 405. It was released last 2009 and has more features compared to the late Garmin 405. Aside from tracking, this watch enables you to monitor your heart rate and know how much calories have you been burning. Another innovation is that, it also has a USB port which could be connected to his or her personal computer to view detailed information about his or her training regime. This feature has clearly a great advantage for athletes for they can now schedule their activities easily and making their training more effective.

Differences between Garmin 405 and 405cx in brief:

  • Garmin 405 is available in green and black colors, while Garmin 405CX is available in blue or grey combinations.
  • The modified watch differs because additional features have been added such as a heart rate monitoring and a calorie counting system.
  • A free small wrist band is included with the latest Garmin 405CX while the Garmin 405 doesn’t.


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