GED vs. High school Diploma

Difference Between GED and High School Diploma We often get confused on what may be the difference between…

Difference Between GED and High School Diploma

We often get confused on what may be the difference between GED and High School Diploma. It is said to be that having passed GED is equivalent with have passed a High School Diploma, which is true. To get things straight, they are not the same. They have plenty of differences behind all those similarities.

What is GED?

Most people know the definition of the term GED which is General Educational Development. In order for people to demonstrate their knowledge, GED was created. GED composes of five tests and after passing these tests, you would receive a certificate, within it declares that you have high school level academic skills. Those smart individuals who of which passed the said tests were given academic credentials that could be presented upon applying to various companies or industries. Having passed GED makes an individual qualified just as a high school diploma holder is.

What is High School Diploma?

Most students, after studying in elementary, they proceed to high school after finishing this said education will render you a diploma which would aid in getting you hired for any job fit for high school diploma holders. Getting a high school diploma however is not that easy, you will be required to finish all four levels of this education in which takes four years to finish, one year per level.

Differences in brief:

  • Getting a high school diploma can take you four years, unlike with GED, it only takes 6-7 hours to obtain a certificate.
  • An individual can take a GED exam at the age of 16, on the other hand, it is impossible for a 16 year old to get a high school diploma.
  • Although most colleges accept a GED passer, he or she would likely be given another entrance examination, compared with high school diploma holders, they are only given one entrance examination.


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