Gene vs. Allele

Difference Between Gene and Allele Gene and allele are the sequences of DNA that are genetic and they…

Difference Between Gene and Allele

Gene and allele are the sequences of DNA that are genetic and they are the ones who determine who we are. As for example it depends the kind of facial hair you have. Gene is a generalized term and is followed by allele.


Genes can be considered as basis for all life and they have the vital information about how we are going to look what diseases or weaknesses are we going to be prone to etc. Not only the genes determine the protein and functional RNA chains, they also have all the vital information and set of instructions that govern the construction and maintenance of our cells and they are passed to our next generation as well.


A gene may have different variations which are called alleles. If someone is saying that a person has got good genes, what they actually mean is that they have got good set of allele. Alleles are found in pairs and generate opposite contrasting natured phenotypes. Alleles having homogenous genes are called homozygous alleles otherwise known as heterozygous alleles which have a dominant and a recessive allele.

Parts of DNA that is responsible for determining the traits that a person will have are called genes. Now what determines the characters that those traits will have are the different sequences of that particular DNA and they are called alleles. While alleles have a recessive and a dominant part and occur in pairs no such pairing is found in case of genes. Genes also do not have any differentiations like homozygous or heterozygous which are found in case of alleles. An allele is nothing but different varieties of the same gene. As for example if there is a gene for hair color, while one allele will be for black hair, there will surely be another allele for brown hair.


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