Genotype vs. Phenotype

Difference Between Genotype and Phenotype Human genetics and molecular biology are now at the top as days of…

Difference Between Genotype and Phenotype

Human genetics and molecular biology are now at the top as days of gene therapy are not that far. The experiments conducted by by the Augustinian priest Gregor Johann Mendel Paved the way to the foundation of Genetics as well as the science of Heredity. Genetics and Heredity are based on the premise that a person’s genetic material, the chromosomes come from the mother and father. Usually there is an even distribution of quantities of genetic material. These chromosomes contain separate regions, where the nucleic acid (DNA) is arranged in specific orders. These are referred to as the genes that have in them, all the information in the form of codes so as to produce the proteins or rather polypeptides to perform various tasks in the human body. Both vary in its effect, this mapping and manipulation.


The genotype is the complete genetic makeup of a cell or an organism or an animal. Genotypes are wonderfully different in the way that it is never same in any two people. Hence even if a locus, or a separate position on the chromosome, is different between two individuals, it is considered that these were two unique genotypes. Genotype is one factor to decide the external characteristics, observable of a person. The survival as well as the reproductive capability of a person is solely dependent on its genotype and as a result it plays a very important part in the process of evolution. However, all the observable characters are not determined by the Genotype only. This can be seen in monozygotic twins with identical genetic makeup, but having different fingerprints. Also, all the genetic information does not predict all the external characteristics of an individual.


The phenotype is the observable characteristics of the above mentioned of a person or organization. These include morphology, biochemical properties, physiology and drawings of conduct. The phenotype depends on the genotype and the environment with the interactions of environment with genotype. The report of the attempted compromise is known as phenotypic plasticity. Thus, the more is the plasticity the greater is theinfluence of the environment to affect phenotype. Also, the concept of genetic line is also present. This concept addresses the ability to predict the genotype based on the phenotype.

The difference between Genotype and Phenotype

Genotype and phenotype is characteristics of caring for a person to survive and propagate its species. Some of these are hidden as genetic information, while some are observed as the external features. The genotype is an important characteristic of the phenotype. But the genotype does not always rises all the features of the phenotype. And all information on the genotype can not be discerned only by studying the phenotype. Those of corroborating genotype and phenotype can be connected in a genotype-phenotype map. Genotype information can be scientifically made the map, but the phenotype is difficult to map due to the fact that it is a combination with other factors. Currently, the phenotype can be changed with the act of manipulating other factors, but the genotype is still beyond the possibility of manipulation with the gene therapy.

In summary, the genotype is that we can not see, but can be quantified with scientific and always beyond the point of manipulation. The phenotype is the observable effect of genotype, but not entirely dependent on that which can not be completely made the card as it is a dynamic process and can make changes in the phenotype with the handling.



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