Girls vs. Boys

Difference Between Girls and Boys There are a lot of questions from a lot of people like psychologists,…

Difference Between Girls and Boys

There are a lot of questions from a lot of people like psychologists, educationists, who are arguing girls are boys are no different except on biological grounds. Some of the people say that that boys and girls are different regarding social aspects and the remaining say that the difference is there in the growth in the brain of the boys and the girls.

According to two members from the U.S. Department of Education , Patricia B. Campbell and Jennifer N. Storo, the assumption that the people engage in regarding the differences between a girl and a boy are always wrong because there is no such thing. According to them people think that they know a lot of things about the nature and abilities of a boy or a girl if they get to ascertain the sex of someone beforehand. This assumption is absolutely wrong as there is no way that you can know anything that not related to biological aspects.  However there are sharp differences between any individual girl and boy however there are few differences between boys and girls on an average basis.

According to the book ‘Boys and Girls learn Differently: A Guide for Teachers and Parents,’ written by Michael Gurian and Jossey-Bass, 2001, brain-based research indicate the superior ability of the girls to be able to perform multi-tasking. The girls use both sides of the brain when they are dealing with information as a result of which they are better in hearing and are more active physically than the boys who take more time in to process information. Thus the boys take more time to adjust after any stressful activity. Not only that, boys are more prone to disabilities in hearing, they have more problems in behavior and fare poorly as far as academic performance is concerned. On the other hand the girls are less active in athletic activities, prone to experiencing gender bias and likely to get less attention in from superiors.

As far as interpersonal relations are concerned girls and boys behave differently because of their upbringing. However people have a very wrong notion of branding girls and boys with some characters like girls being softer and timid in nature and boys being more aggressive and tough natures.

However the main differences in a boy and a girl lie in the fact that different regions in the brain get developed in different sequence in case of girls and boys. The part of the  of the brain in case of girls that is related to language and fine motor skills get functional about six years ahead than boys, and the areas of the brain related to targeting and spatial memory get functional about four years earlier in boys.


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