Difference Between GLP and GMP GLP and GMP are regulations imposed by FDA on products of healthcare industry.…

Difference Between GLP and GMP

GLP and GMP are regulations imposed by FDA on products of healthcare industry. GMP applies to goods meant for human consumption, whereas, GLP insists on guidelines for the maintenance of integrity and quality of laboratory data that is used by manufacturing companies to support the claims that they make about their products. While the basic aim of GLP and GMP is to protect the health interests of end consumers, the two differ in the approach and apply to different systems.

The concept of GMP, which means Good Manufacturing Practices and GLP, which accounts for Good Laboratory Practices, is an invention of FDA that has been disturbed by the complaints received regularly about the quality of medicines and other healthcare products. It suggested some guidelines to which all manufacturers agreeing GMP and GLP had to join, to get FDA certification. GMP was introduced in 1963 while GLP in 1976. However, GLP came in to force in 1978. Together, both GLP and GMP guarantee high quality products as well as their laboratory procedures.

Today, GMP and GLP both assure quality. A company following these regulations instills confidence among consumers that its products have high quality standards and that all proper procedures were followed.

While GLP focuses on testing of laboratory procedures, equipment used, the way in which data and records are maintained, assessing equipment and quality control of testing, GMP deals with the actual manufacture of goods and products of medical care as it relates to the places where the goods are produced, the qualifications of staff employed, plant and machinery and processes used exciting.

In general, we consider that GLP is cheaper than GMP. However, industrial companies are trying to get both these certifications since they are an evidence of the quality and integrity of the company. Any company wishing to procure these certifications must train personnel in accordance with the provisions of FDA.

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