Glucose Vs. Galactose

Difference Between Glucose And Galactose Although the formula of glucose molecule and galactose are very alike yet they…

Difference Between Glucose And Galactose

Although the formula of glucose molecule and galactose are very alike yet they have a different structural formula.

Glucose is a simple sugar (monosaccharide) and also called blood sugar, glucose or corn sugar. It is important carbohydrate in biology. It is considered as the most essential energy source amongst living organisms and actively behaves like an intermediate of metabolic processes. It is among the main products derived from photosynthesis. On the other hand, a galactose is a part of the monosaccharide family and it is a type of sugar which is less sweet than glucose. It consists of Food energy (calories or joules), referred to as nutritive sweeteners.

There are only two stereoisomers actually called as glucose in the aldohexose class. In the two stereo Somers only dextrose monohydrate (generally known as D-glucose) is in an organically active state. Sugar polymers of galactose are termed as galactan. It is found in the body to maintain the availability of galactose. It is maintained in the body in a bulk form at Hemicellulose. When there is a need for additional galactose then hydrolysis occurs and galactan is converted to galactose.

Coming back on glucose, except for D-glucose there is no other glucose, in the biologically inactive state. The inactive form of glucose is called L-glucose. Breaking the molecules of L-glucose is impossible by glycolysis.

Glucose as well as galactose is integrated within the body. However, various external sources will cause the difference from each other. Glucose can be sub divided into two: simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are easy to digest and the main sources are fruits and juices, alcoholic drinks, sweets and sugar. Complex carbohydrates involve slow digestion. The main sources are beans and legumes, whole grains, breads, grains and nuts.

The main sources of galactose are sugarbeets, milk and other dairy products and various gums and mucilages. Galactose is also synthesized in the body. It is a component of glycoproteins and glycolipids of the different tissues.

Glucose and galactose have different melting points. This standard melting galactose is 167a ° C and the melting point of the ±-D-glucose ISA 146 ° C and I ²-D-glucose is 150 ° C.


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