Goat vs. Sheep

Difference Between Goat And Sheep Goats and sheep are both domestic mammals.Both of them belong to two different…

Difference Between Goat And Sheep

Goats and sheep are both domestic mammals.Both of them belong to two different genera and differ physically. The goat’s horns are hollow, long, directed upward and backward, while the sheep have spiral horns.  In addition, the males of the goats have beards and do not have a thick coat like typical sheep.

The goat is a small domestic animal belonging to the family of Bovidae. Goat  is  among the first animals domesticated by man. It is equipped with hollow and long horns which protrude upward, backward and out. It has a short tail. The male goat is called beak or goat. It has a beard and is recognized by the typical smell. The female has  horns  smaller than the male. Generally, the hair of a goat is not woolly like that of sheep. But in some very cold areas, goats are often covered with a soft hair which protect them from cold. The goat is also raised for the meat. A goat from the nutritional point of view contains less fat and cholesterol than sheep. Moreover, from goats we obtain milk suitable for people with problems of digestio. The milk of goat contains little lactose and thus is more digestible. But it has a strong odor. It is also used to produce yoghurt, cheese and butter.

The sheep has been a domestic animal since ancient times. It is found living across the world. It belongs to the family of Bovidae and gender Ovis. The horns of sheep are present usually in males with some exceptions. The coat of the sheep is called fleece which consists of thin and wrinkled hair. The color of fleece may vary depending on the breed. Its wool has a characteristic odor due to lanolin, a fat that helps to make the coat waterproof. The male sheep is called Aries or ram, While the young one is called lamb. The sheep are raised in flocks with the help of herding dogs. It is raised to get milk, meat and wool. The fleece of the sheep is sheared to produce wool. It has been used as an excellent fiber since ancient time. The wool  of the sheep is used as a textile fiber to make clothes, pillows and mattresses. Its quality may differ depending on the breed of the animal and the body part it comes from. The milk of sheep is much less developed than that of cattle, but it is widely used in dairy industry for the production of cheese and ricotta. In particular, the sheep milk contains more fat and its products have a strong aroma which is much appreciated.

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