God vs. Allah

Difference Between God and Allah God and Allah are the lonely idol in the Islamic and Christian religion…

Difference Between God and Allah

God and Allah are the lonely idol in the Islamic and Christian religion respectively. God and Allah are considered as the divine creator and the supreme rule of the universe. These two have the most number of enthusiasts, covering the more than half the population of the earth entirely.


Most Christians believe that God is with and within all things, or immanent and is not affected or changed by the forces in the universe, called transcendent. God is believed by Trinitarians to be the Father, Son and Holy Spirit all in one character while the nontrinitarians believe that each of the three distinguished from each other.


Allah the term originated from an Arabic article and a word that translates to “the sole deity, God” in English. It was thought that Allah has associates such as the sons and daughters among the pagan Arabs during the pre-Islamic times. But it has later been changed in Allah as the unique divinity of the Islamic religion. Allah has 99 names and each suggests the distinct qualities of Allah.

The difference between God and Allah

Christian God is exposed to human beings who have relied on Him through Jesus Christ, His only son. These people can enjoy a personal relationship with God. On the other hand, Allah does not show Himself to any human being. Christian God is merciful and forgives sinners while Allah has not made any terms for sinners to reconcile with him if they do not apologize. God is separates from sin unlike Allah. Who is satisfied with sinners apologizing for their sins even if done repeatedly. While the Christian God, although forgiving, wants sinners to repent and not make the same mistake again.

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