Golf Wedges CG12 vs. CG14

Difference Between Golf Wedges CG12 and CG14 For anyone who does not have that good knowledge of club…

Difference Between Golf Wedges CG12 and CG14

For anyone who does not have that good knowledge of club that has a horizontal of golf, that has a head of iron that is used to hit the golf ball. CG12 and CG14 are models of wedge that have been developed and designed by Cleveland Golf, a company dealing in golf accessories.

CG12 was launched in 2007; highlighting its Zip Grooves which are larger than the ordinary wedge grooves. The grooves are so created to give the beginners an ease in hitting the ball. According to Cleveland Golf this wedge is suitable for golfers of all levels.

CG14 wedges are a perfect blend of all round performance. In spite of the sharp and rugged looks the leading edge is quite smooth. The large face and chrome finishing gives the wedge a dual use of a mirror as you can easily see yourself in it. This is one perfect golf wedge for one looking for style and performance combined.

Apart from the different model number, the CG12 and CG14 are different due to their different designs of their wedge head. CG12 has a much larger head than the CG14- which is aimed for skilled golfers unlike the CG123 which is for beginners as well. The CG14 comes with a yellow gelback at the club’s back which helps in humidifying the vibration. The edge of CG14 is squarer than the CG12 which has a rounded edge.

Apart from the role of a wedge in a golf tournament, it is important t note that comfort is a huge factor in choosing the perfect wedge. The CG12 and CG14 do not come with a price tag that is hugely different from each other. People can try both of them and decide for themselves.


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