Google Adwords vs. Adsense

Difference Between Google Adsense and Google Adwords In today’s modern era of e-commerce, a very common strategy is…

Difference Between Google Adsense and Google Adwords

In today’s modern era of e-commerce, a very common strategy is direct marketing by advertising in social networking sites and even sending emails directly to your mailbox. Ads are often placed as banners on frequently visited sites. Placing advertisements in such networks does not necessarily mean that you have to pay immediately; you may opt for pay per click. Two of the most popular names in the trade that utilize services involving pay per click; Google Adsense and Google AdWords will be discussed here briefly.

Google Adsense

A popular advertising service that Google provides in the cyberworld is Adsense. As the internet business industry continues to bloom, advertising likewise has been on the constant rise. Businesses pay Adsense to be advertised social networking sites generating large traffics and no longer in search engines. Interested website owners are required to register an account before their ads start appearing in strategic social networking sites. Ads appear in a column on certain sites and when a person clicks on an ad, its owner gets paid.

Google AdWords

AdWords on the other hand, provides service for businesses who want to be established online by making their ads appear, not just in the Google search engine, but on numerous other search engines. This is done by simply registering to Google AdWords and submitting an advert or ad banner. The owner then chooses the amount he’s willing to pay every time a person clicks their advertisement. The owner is also required to submit a valid credit card number which will be charged by Google for its services every time the owner’s ad is clicked.

Differentiating Between the Two

Although both serve a similar purpose in generating income, they greatly differ in the fact that in AdWords, Google directly receives payment for its services, while in Adsense, its Google that pays another website to use a space in their pages to put up ads. A fraction of the income from clicks in Adsense will be paid to the website owner, while in AdWords, the owners are the ones who pay every time their ads are clicked.

Setting their differences aside, both generate handsome incomes for its consumers so registering for either would be a wise investment for any business. Services that use pay per click such as these have become a standard in communicating in a world that has broken all geographical barriers: the internet.


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