Google Android Market vs Apple Market (App Store)

Difference Between Google Android Market and Apple Market (App Store) The Android and Apple Markets are mobile phone…

Difference Between Google Android Market and Apple Market (App Store)

The Android and Apple Markets are mobile phone application stores that offer tons of applications for books, games, entertainment, business and education. The modern world has witnessed the revolution on mobile telecommunications. The birth of mobile phones has put people all over the globe closer together; a mere push of a button away. New models are made available at constant rate. Better, smaller and classier phones coming out each time you visit the store. When Google launched Android in 2005 and was later followed by iPhone’s Apple, the previous mobile phone models instantly became history; well behind the new arrivals’ capabilities. Android, the mobile operating system that was designed by Google runs on applications specifically designed for it. These applications are readily available for download in Android market stores online. Likewise, iPhone applications which Apple developed are readily available in their online stores. Users of both Android and Apple flock in these online stores, unable to resist the temptation of all the applications waiting to be downloaded.

Android Market

The Android market is the online store to go when looking for the latest applications that run on mobiles with Android installed in them. As of the moment, Android boasts of its 200,000 applications, ready for download on the Android market. From education, games and to any other field that you desire, they have it. And what’s amazing is that 56% of all these applications can be easily downloaded for free while the rest only requires a nominal fee. The Android market also lets the users rate the applications by voting, allowing the vast community of users to share opinions about the various applications and aiding those who are looking for hints in deciding which applications to get. Another party besides Google also hosts their own applications on the Android market rousing major phone security concerns in some users.

Apple Market (App Store)

The Apple market, known to most as simply App Store is a consolidated online store that offers applications for the products that it sells. Apple market hosted applications are initially inspected by Apple Corporation. An application will be hosted by Apple on the store after it was properly submitted by its creator and only after Apple has approved it. Besides the applications, information about all the products currently available can also be accessed in the Apple store. You may even purchase these products online. Although it can be tough on the application programmer wanting to put a new application on the store, the Apple market takes care of all its buyers, catering to all their needs and giving solutions to particular problems often encountered by users. The App store openly boasts of reaching 10 billion downloads by January 3rd of 2011.

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