Google Voice vs. Skype

Difference Between Google Voice and Skype VoIP services such as Skype & Google Voice have made communication very…

Difference Between Google Voice and Skype

VoIP services such as Skype & Google Voice have made communication very much easier and even cheaper. Although both are quite popular and useful, Google Voice stands out with its one number concept where users are provided one phone number, along with very handy features such as SMS to email, voice mail sent in text format and voice transcription. Its advantage is also partly due to its call quality even on low bandwidth through the use of propriety CODEC technology.

Although Google Voice as well as Skype are Voice over IP Protocol or VoIP services, a major difference between them lies in Skype’s use of the plain Standard CODEC, while Google Voice makes use of the more efficient propriety CODEC. Below, we will try to examine the other features offered by these two leading VoIP services.

The application software Skype works as a VoIP client that sends and receives voice or video calls. Voice and video conversation is free between Skype users wherever in the world they may be. Skype charges per minute if you call a phone number anywhere. It also charges for connection fees, Chat, SMS, call conferences, and call forwarding to 24 countries around the globe. You can also receive calls in Skype.

Google Voice, on the other hand, provides the user with one phone number and wherever you go you may set that calls made to that same number be delivered to your home phone, office or even mobile. Google Voice also offers personalized greetings, international calls, voice mail transcription, SMS to email, call screening, conference calling and mobile applications.

Google Voice as well as Skype provides services to mobile clients. Users may download and run the Google Voice application or Skype on their mobile phones. Presently, Google Voice app for mobiles supports Android and Blackberry phones. Both Google Voice & Skype utilize the existing features (such as Wi-Fi) in your phone to function. Thanks to these two mobile applications, you would never again need voice roaming on your phone wherever you are in the planet; all your ever need is Google Voice or Skype.


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