Google vs. Microsoft

Difference Between Google and Microsoft Google and Microsoft are two giants in the software industry that provides the…

Difference Between Google and Microsoft

Google and Microsoft are two giants in the software industry that provides the majority of software and services that many people now use on the Internet. Flagship product of Microsoft and probably the most recognized software today is its Windows operating system, which has been around for nearly three decades and has undergone a great change from simple applications to multitask one. This is not something you buy, but most people use the Internet to find it.

Models of both the organizations are very dissimilar, as Microsoft’s major source of profit is selling software, such as operating system and application suite such as MS Office. What Google does not sell real software, and advertising is the major source of income. So apparently links to websites which owns the searches are related because they do things to attract potential customers. To do this, we can say that Microsoft sells a product, while Google is selling a service. This is a general conclusion, and both are opening to having common services and eventually will compete for nearly every aspect

Microsoft makes money from its product’s sale, most of what are fee, but there are exceptions.  Most of the products of Google are provided at no cost to the end user. This is very attractive to ordinary users who do not always want to fork money just to be able to use certain things for a limited time.

It’s very easy to comprehend that Microsoft and Google are moving towards a final disagreement. Google and Microsoft are starting to conflict in almost all of their products (IE, Chrome and Internet Explorer, MS office and Google docs, Windows Mobile and Android). It’s just a matter of time

Abstract :.

  1.  Microsoft’s flagship operating system is Windows, while Google is a search engine
  2.  Microsoft sells software, but Google sells ads
  3.  Most Microsoft products and services have costs, but most are available free from Google


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