Goth vs. Prep

Difference between goth and prep The terms, “Goth” and “Prep” are entirely distinct entities generally pertaining to the…

Difference between goth and prep

The terms, “Goth” and “Prep” are entirely distinct entities generally pertaining to the modernistic pop music traditions. The evolution of the terms is unique as their connotations are totally different. Actually, both these terms serve to typecast particular people symbolizing their characteristics and appearances. Although, it this kind of classification is not considered to appalling intrinsically, it only takes a broad view and differentiates one from the other.


The Goths have their origins in the Gothic sub-culture of the post-Punk period of Pop music and its relevant literature. This typical classification was considered for a kind of people, who are often observed for their typical dress sense. They are normally observed being clad in totally dark or jet black dresses and sporting various kinds of noticeable haircuts of a punk style. This reflects a representation of an extremely dark and somber faceted person. This was also thought out to be a specific image of their totally dark topics of their genre of music and their prosaic subject matter.


The term “Prep” is an abbreviation for `Preparatory,’ which is in direct contrast to the Goths that meant particularly for those children attend preparatory schools or are popularly known as prep schools. This particular class is especially for those who belong to the nouveau riche or the rich and the wealthy populace in the community. Once again, there is a perceptible change in their dress sense in comparison to the Goths. Since these Preps are from affluent and rich families, they are often seen dressed traditionally as well as they wear a very casual attire. More often, the men folk are seen in long-sleeved shirts topped with informal vests while the women are seen in skirts touching their knees and in blouses with collars. These Preps represent themselves as a class apart from others exhibiting themselves as rich people.

While these generalizations may be there in both the cases of Goths and Preps at times befitting their appearance, yet it should not be construed in any manner that this yardstick holds good for all of them.

The fundamental differences between a Goth and Prep may be innumerable. However, while a Prep is considered to be extremely conservative and neat and trim in their dress and appearance, a Goth would be considered to be unruly, uncouth and a rebel in his demeanor due to their being dressed in dark clothes and their outlandish appearance. They are also considered to be of the violent types although exceptions may always be there, the Prep is considered to be of a stuck up nature exuding an all pervading air of being a professional.


Nevertheless, it would not be out of context to mention here that each individual could be a Goth or Prep clearly by the dress code. It would be futile to go by the kinds of clothes that each one of them wears. Yet, each one of them is exclusive in their style of living and dressing up and in such cases apples cannot be compared to oranges.


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