Goth vs. Vampire

Difference Between Vampires and Goths The Vampire and Goth are two subcultures that are steadily gaining popularity among…

Difference Between Vampires and Goths

The Vampire and Goth are two subcultures that are steadily gaining popularity among today’s youth. Both groups substantially deviate from what is considered ordinary by the society; from their symbolisms, music, and more noticeably, their choice in fashion. Here, aside from examining their characteristics, we will also try to differentiate the two from one another.


Members of the vampire subculture claim to believe in the symbolisms brought by modern vampire culture and practice certain rituals. As is obvious, these modern ‘vampires’ do not really possess immortality or any other unrealistic characteristics of the vampires of myth. Instead, these ‘normal’ human beings incorporate the modern adaptations of vampires into their fashion, music and even in their unique blood rituals. The vampire fashion statement, as expected, mimic those portrayed in modern vampire movies such as the Twilight saga.


Goth is a bit older compared to the vampire subculture. Goths have been running loose in the streets years before the first vampires decided they want a group identity of their own. Moreover, Goth was originally founded in England in the 80’s, although the Goth we see now is only the redefinition of the original Goth (which somehow survived) by today’s teens and young adults. Modern Goth is often characterized with an all black fashion statement. From shoes, dress or outfit, and make-up, Goths are often seen wearing all these in black.

Differentiating Between the Two

The Goth subculture was derived from an already existing style from the 80’s while vampire subculture sprung from the myth of a bloodsucking creature. Both also differ in the music and fashion they prefer: the vampires characterized by a combination of glamorous Victorian and punk outfits, while the Goths by their all black appearance, punk music and aloof personalities. Vampires, far from aloof, love attention and do not look scary at all. They do, however, sometimes engage in blood exchange rituals with their ‘coven’ or group, which the Goths would not care taking part of.

Both subcultures have roots that can be traced back many years ago, although today’s generation has made redefined them into being into modern adaptations of what they originally were. Still, they are human beings like the rest of us, however ridiculous and different they might appear, so it would be decent and civilized to respect and even appreciate them.

Important Points:

  • Vampires mimic modern age vampire movies while Goth is considered contemporary.
  • Vampires dress in a fusion of glamorous Victorian and punk while Goth maintain their generic all black outfits.
  • Vampires sometimes engage in blood exchange rituals while Goths don’t.


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