Goth vs. Vampire

Difference Between Goth and Vampire Different social groups originate over time. A unique group can develop into another…

Difference Between Goth and Vampire

Different social groups originate over time. A unique group can develop into another with only with a slight different belief and rituals. Sometimes the differences are there due to the places they come from or their culture. Different subculture are created by these cultures.

Goth is a perfect instance-a subculture that is dated as far as 1976 in the UK. While it evolved Goths have been associated with a particular genre of music and fashion that is typical of the culture. It is usually black all throughout with a touch of leather and velvet.

Goth is not easily defined as it relates to personal appearance and individuality. Some argue that it is defined in darkness, depression, black clothes, death, black hair, anxiety and heavy makeup.

The vampire subculture is associated with Goth quite often.

According to legend and folklores, Vampire is a creature that feasts on human and sometimes animal blood. Vampires-who are believed to originate from the dead people by a special means are said to possess great character qualities and power. It is said that the word vampire is in use since the year 1734.

The concept of vampire gave rise to the subculture of the same name, characterized by fanatical attraction towards the vampire rites, rituals and style that varies from music, fashion etc.  The craze extends to a level where actual blood exchange happens. There is a typical dressing and make up style that is an admix of punk, Victorian, glam and styles from popular vampire movies.

This is an organized subculture as it is a clandestine society where one is permitted to be a member by drinking blood of man. These associations are frequent in the underground clubs in metro cities.

To Though Goths are often related vampires, they dislike being associated with the usual description of vampires.

Summary ..

1. Goth is delineated on the basis of personal appearance and identity however vampire is a creature that feasts on blood.

2. Black hair color, black clothes are the characteristics of the Goths while appearance of the Vampire subculture is a mixture of punk, Victorian and glam style.

3. There us a sensation of sadness and gloom in the Goth culture, but in a vampire subculture there is a general passion of feasting on human blood.






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