Government Vs. Governance

Difference Between Government And Governance Both these words are very similar and can create a lot of confusion…

Difference Between Government And Governance

Both these words are very similar and can create a lot of confusion among people. The following information will help to understand the differences better.

Government is comprised of a collection of people who are responsible for running the operations in a country. It is actually group of legislative body that controls a state and the country as well. Government acts as medium which exercises power over the state.

There are various types of government like autocracy and democracy. Since most of the Governments are democratic in nature we will refer and consider the democratic government when we speak of it.

In case of democratic government the Government is run by representatives who are elected by the common people for a pre decided time period after which the common people elects people again who will handle these responsibilities. According to how the Government works for the welfare of the people, a Government is termed good or bad. In case of a proper administrative reign a Government can come back to power again.

Government is an act of leading or decree and indicates the collection of laws set by the Government. These laws are put to action by the Government appointed personnel. The primary concern of Governance is to get excellent end results by maintaining a set of regulations. There may be various governance functions, like public, non-profit or even profit.

There are quite a few different types of governance like

1. Corporate Governance

2. Information Technology

3. Global Governance

4. Participatory

5. Project

6. Non-Profit etc.

In case of a business that is operated by more than one person the terms and conditions that are followed are called management. However the total experience and expertise of the owners and the employees lead to the success of the business. Exactly in the same way government is the legislative body -headed by a single person- that decides the rules to be followed by the state and country for the smooth operation of the country. These rules are called governance.


1. Governance is the activity of a government.

2. Governance is the rules set by the personnel appointed by the common public to do so, and the government is the medium through which these are done.


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