Graduate Diploma vs. Diploma

Difference Between Graduate Diploma and Diploma Normally diploma means certification from a university or a college attesting that…

Difference Between Graduate Diploma and Diploma

Normally diploma means certification from a university or a college attesting that a student has successfully completed a course. The degree term is common in all parts of the world that different countries attach different importance to the diploma. There is another word graduate diploma that troubles many as they find it hard to find the points of difference between the two. This article will examine the differences between the diploma and the graduate diploma to allow students to choose the just sort of certification for higher education.

Let us consider a student who has done during his undergraduate course in the arts and wants to add a qualification, but do not want to go through a full time graduate-level course. If he signs up for a post graduate degree in management studies, it increases his chances of getting absorbed in industries which prefer management qualified candidates over undergraduates. Otherwise, such a diploma helps a student in the act of preparing him for a master’s degree in the subject. Thus a student who has a degree in management can go for a master’s in administration if he so desires after the receipt of a graduate diploma.

In general, a diploma is seen as having lesser value and importance than the bachelor’s degree as it is short in duration and does not cover topics in depth such as in full time bachelor’s degree courses. However, in countries like the United States, diplomas are qualification of certifications in the vocational courses like diploma in the nursing or degree in pharmacy.

In general, the difference between a diploma and a graduate degree is that while a diploma may be taken at any stage of his career as a diploma in beauty treatments, a graduate degree is undertaken after the student has done his undergraduate course. A diploma allows one to go for higher education at masters without having received Honors with the Bachelor’s degree. This is particularly true in countries such as Australia.

In Canada, after completing graduate diploma successfully, one can automatically advance in the Master’s course with the privilege se to take credits received in the course of a graduate diploma with him.


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