Graduate Diploma vs. Post Graduate Diploma

Difference Between Graduate Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma Students get confused between the terms graduate diploma and the…

Difference Between Graduate Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma

Students get confused between the terms graduate diploma and the postgraduate diploma while they want to add skills against their name instead of going for the regular master level degree. There are many similarities between the postgraduate diploma and graduate diploma making it difficult for students to differentiate between them. Let us go in detail.

A diploma refers to certification courses by universities, institutions and colleges to certify that a student has successfully completed the course. A diploma is for a shorter period than degree courses and carries less weight and significance in the minds of employers as well. Generally it is taken as an opportunity to add a feather in his cap to be ahead of those who have just completed their undergraduate courses. There are careers such as nursing profession, pharmacy and the beautician etc in which the diplomas have significance and help in a student receiving preference in employment opportunities.

A graduate diploma is a certification that can be obtained only after the accomplishment during his undergraduate level degree. This is an opportunity for a student to receive the additional qualification that also allows entering a master’s degree program with the credits earned by the diploma. The diploma courses are of shorter duration and cost much less than a degree course. We are able to add a specialization against our name which is useful in increasing his career when he completes a graduate diploma. There are cases when the company in which a person works pays the price of the master’s level degree course which has the advantage of receiving a sponsor for higher studies and also save time in the process.

The postgraduate diploma or PG diploma is a qualification that is awarded in some countries like England, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Russia and etc. This is a qualification that is awarded after the bachelor’s degree course. In Australia and New Zealand, PG Dip refers to the master level qualification. For example, it calls for students in their first year of study in courses such as MS and MBA are called as postgraduate diploma students. That’s when they complete the entire duration of the course they may have the knowledge required to be labeled as MS or MBA.

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