Graduate School vs. Undergraduate School

Difference Between Graduate School and Undergraduate School Graduate School and Undergraduate School are institutions of higher education. In…

Difference Between Graduate School and Undergraduate School

Graduate School and Undergraduate School are institutions of higher education. In the United States, undergraduates are the students who study to get a bachelor’s degree. Studying for four years, in undergraduate schools lead to a degree certificate in arts (BA), science (B.S), fine arts (B.F.A) and so on. The Graduate schools are those colleges which provide advanced courses which must be done completing the undergraduate courses and these advanced degrees are called master’s degrees. Only those who completed their undergraduate courses have the right to register in these advanced courses. There are many graduate schools but universities provide the degrees and these schools are under these Universities.

So in general, universities and all the undergraduate schools provide degrees to students who pursue graduation and graduate degrees to those who want to go for higher studies. In layman’s terms, they can think of a school which provides the specialized education to those who want to become professionals as doctors, lawyers or MBA’ S, while undergraduate school gives no specialization and the degree which a student gets is of the bachelor’s level.

If you want to get a master degree in a field of study, you must register in a graduate school, while you can study in undergraduate school if you are interested in the associate or bachelor’s degree. Four years of study is everything that they demand for the accomplishment of an undergraduate degree, and you must be subjected to another 2-3 years of study in a graduate school to have the right to a master’s degree.

Undergraduate course resembles a foundation on which one must construct by studying a master’s degree to become a professional in its field chosen by study. Undergraduate course provides knowledge in many fields and not only in a single field. So a student continuing BA accepts knowledge in a lot of general subjects as English, History, humanities and human sciences. However, when the same student, after the accomplishment of his undergraduate course registers for a graduate course in arts, he must choose a particular subject to concentrate only in this subject.

There are student’s lessons in almost all schools of awarding a diploma although there are some student’s schools which do not provide lesson after the accomplishment of student’s lesson.


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