Grammar Schools vs. Normal State Schools

Difference Between Normal State Schools and Grammar Schools Two kinds of schools which you could find, not just…

Difference Between Normal State Schools and Grammar Schools

Two kinds of schools which you could find, not just here in America, but all over the world, are the Normal State School and the Grammar School. These two accommodate children of various ages in the traditional teacher facilitated classroom. The programs implemented in both vary according to each individual’s learning capacity.

Normal State Schools

A typical Normal State School is run and maintained by the national or local government who provides for the schools needs. Normal State Schools, popularly known as public schools, don’t oblige students to pay anything upon enrolling. The funds used to maintain the school, its teachers and students come from the taxes that people pay the government. Programs and courses taught in normal state schools frequently involve the general knowledge and the basics in academics.

Grammar Schools

A Grammar School on the other hand, is considered as more advanced; teaching not only the basics, but delving deeper into the mastery of different languages. Although originally created to teach Latin many years ago, the curriculum constantly expanded and later included various major languages like French, Italian, Spanish and English. Grammar schools are generally private schools that do not require the government’s aid in maintaining themselves.

Differentiating Between the Two

Although both are kinds of schools, they differ in their specialties and the level of learning that they offer their students. Grammar schools, being more advanced, teach various other languages are more particular with their students’ performances compared to the general skills and basic knowledge offered in many Normal State Schools. Nearly all grammar schools are also run by private sectors, giving them the privilege to raise funds and demand fees, and other forms of payments such as enrollment fees and tuition. Normal State Schools don’t need any of this since the government provides for all the needs and necessities.

But in the end, the kind of school one chooses can only do so much for his future.  One needs to persevere and be determined in studying, whichever school he may belong to. Knowledge will always be knowledge wherever you might have acquired it and it is one of those few things in this world that can’t be stolen.

Important Points:

  • Grammar schools are mostly owned by private bodies while the government runs and maintains state schools.
  • A Grammar school teaches specialized and specific courses while a state schools offer basic and general learning.
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