Greek Gods Vs. Roman Gods

Difference Between Greek Gods And Roman Gods There are many countries in this world that have their own…

Difference Between Greek Gods And Roman Gods

There are many countries in this world that have their own individual and unique mythologies. These are quite confusing, especially if we take into consideration the Gods in the Roman as well as the Greek mythology. To many people, it is quite brain storming task to determine whether  God  is a Greek one or a Roman one because they are unable to differentiate between the Gods of the two types. There however exist a number of differences between the Roman Gods as well as the Greek Gods.

The Greeks were much ahead in their occurrence from the Romans by almost a thousand years. And the truth is that the concept of possessing Gods as well as Goddesses has been adapted by the Romans from the Greeks. However to claim the uniqueness and individuality of their Gods, the Romans name their Gods and Goddesses differently. The God of poetry and music has almost the same name-Apollo in the two mythologies. One example of the differences in the name of Gods is the God whose name is Ares in Greek and Mars in Roman mythology. Romans believe that the Mars also takes care of agriculture and fertility and as a result is kind. Greek on the other hand fears Ares.

The Gods mentioned in the Greek mythology are Hermes, Zeus, Hephaestus, and Athena, Aris etc. whose counterparts in the Roman mythology are Mercury, Jupiter, Vulcan, Minerva, and Mars etc.

Another striking feature of Roman mythology is that they have the names of all the Gods and Godesses given after planets or stars or heavenly bodies.


  1. The main difference between the two mythologies is that the roman gods are named after planets, start and heavenly bodies.
  2. Greek mythology appeared around a thousand years before the roman mythology.
  3. The god of war is Aris in Greek mythology and the same is Mars in the Roman mythology with the added responsibility of fertility as well as agriculture.


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