Greek vs. Roman Statues

Difference Between Greek and  Roman Statues Greek statues and Roman statues postpone some of the others according to…

Difference Between Greek and  Roman Statues

Greek statues and Roman statues postpone some of the others according to their styles and their characteristics. It is true that the art of Greece and in Rome on the scale of new summits thanks to statues produced by the sculptors and architects. At the same time these statues showed difference as well.

Greek sculptures as well as statues can be differentiated from their own standing without any type of help. On the other hand, the Roman statues needs outside help, because they could not stand on there own. In fact they require external post to support. It is one of the main differences between Greek and Roman statues.

Greeks used bronze in most cases to manufacture statues. On the other hand, the Romans being in most cases influenced by the Greeks used bronze, but on top of that they used bronze marble and porphyry for making these statues. It is another important difference between the Greeks and the Roman statues.

Earth cooks such as polychrome has been used in the creation of Greek statues. The cooked polychrome is painted nicely. On the other hand, they think that the Romans materials blended in the creation of statues as a measure of economy. Another important difference between two is that the Roman artists creates many torsos. It is not case with the Greek artists.

The Greek artists on the other hand, more concentrated on their mythology in the creation of statues. It is not case with the Roman artists. To the Greeks, athletics were more important, and they achieved to produce statues which were ideal. In contrast, the Romans were realistic in nature. They do not believe in mythology a lot, but they granted an importance in realism and therefore shown a huge interest in the creation of the statues of real figures.

The Romans made statues that were of historical opportunity besides creating true persons. On the other hand, the Greek artists do not to create a big number of statues of the real persons. This is why in most cases the Roman torsos became so popular image for their statue and style. Statues torso made the Roman artists very popular worldwide.

It is interesting to note that the Greek sculptors at the beginning concentrated in the creation of small statuettes only. Little by little they advanced to create statues of mythological figures. They also mastered the art of making marble sculptures also. That’s how the Greek sculptors and artists advancement had started a slow kickoff. In fact, we can say that they have advanced too much in comparison with their Roman counterparts. It is also an important difference between the Greeks and the Roman statues.

On the other hand, the artists and Roman sculptors first tried to preserve their culture and traditional statue, and therefore followed the job of the Greek artists closely. Gradually with the passage of the time they developed their own style to make statue. These are the difference between both styles which provide inputs about statue making by Greeks and the Romans.



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