Greenhouse Effect vs. Global Warming

Difference Between Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming Greenhouse effect and global warming are two burning issues of discussion…

Difference Between Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Greenhouse effect and global warming are two burning issues of discussion among both environmentalists and laymen. While these two concepts are intricately linked as cause and effect, there are subtle differences that must be emphasized to a greater understanding of readers.

In the simplest of words, global warming occurs when the rays of sun are trapped in Earth’s atmosphere because of emissions of many greenhouse gases as carbon dioxide and methane. However, this explanation does not cover all aspects and that is why we must analyze the two terms closely. The fact of the matter is, the greenhouse effect is not detrimental to us or the environment and is harmful only when it is in more desirable than quantity.

Greenhouse effect

Normally, sunlight reduced to the ground is reflected back to outer space by the Earth’s surface. A part of the reflected rays get trapped in the atmosphere. This is the famous greenhouse effect and is considered to be a natural and healthy process. The existence of this greenhouse effect is essential to maintain life on earth. There had been no greenhouse gases, the earth would become too cold for any life.

Although the greenhouse effect is extremely important to us too much of that can be harmful for us. This is because an enhanced greenhouse effect means the highest average temperatures in the area of ​​land that is not good for our ecosystem. There is a very fine and delicate balance that must be maintained as neither the absence nor too global warming is good for life on earth.

Global Warming

The average increase in temperature of the surface of land during the last 50 years is called as global warming. Now that global warming is a cumulative effect of many factors such as deforestation, pollution, the burning of fossil fuels and of course the greenhouse effect that has been monitored by the world, especially the western world that have been criticizing for poor countries with higher levels of methane and carbon dioxide gas emissions.

Global warming is not a natural phenomenon and depends upon the activities of mankind. That’s why there were so many conferences and summits between the nations to take on this problem. The process of industrialization inevitably causes global warming to meet the growing energy demands of developing countries.

If we talk about the differences between these two closely related concepts, it is clear that one leads to another although there are many other reasons of global warming. Yet compared to other reasons, it is the greenhouse effect that has hogged the spotlight in recent years.

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